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 We at HalfDay Someone curate 'stranger' calls that are individually thought out by our team of communication experts, multi-faceted professionals, and entrepreneurs. These themes can include memorable experiences like solo travel, first date, alarming ghost stories and even niche ideas like rapping, colour psychology etc. 


You get on a call with a bunch of strangers (upto 10) and let your curiosity and communication flow. Your identity won't be revealed at any point during the duration of this phone call. You login in to a "Zoom call" account through only AUDIO and NO VIDEO, including a virtual name that is of your choice with regard to the theme of the call. The calls are also moderated by a host so enjoy a balanced and free-flowing conversation. 


The purpose of bringing together strangers on a call is to bring back human interactions and a sense of belonging, acceptance, and positive vibes in this new and unprecedented era, irrespective of WHO or WHERE you're from!


Our Team



Sapna is a brainiac. Her experience ranges from Life sciences to Market research.  She is an efficient multitasker and manages the Operations, Ideation and Scheduling at HDSO. 

An army brat who is well travelled, she is also a basketball player, classical dancer and singer. 



HDSO is the brainchild of Sanjeev AKA SanjShen. He is  a serial entrepreneur, multi potentialite, has worn many hats including a restauranteur, event manager, sportsman, mystery shopper and many more!

Thru HDSO, his vision is to help people from all walks of life to live their dreams to their true potential, and also bring back the lost human connection in today's digitalized world.


Priyanka, another multi- potentialite is a creative professional with over 8 years of experience in media and communications, fashion writing and designing. At HDSO she is involved in Strategy, Planning, Caller experience, Social media and is a host too!

Her interests range from travel, photography, blogging, hiking, yoga, art, styling, baking and even plantation drives as a green warrior. 


Sashya is  a singer, song-writer and rapper. As a student of psychology she understands the dynamics of human behaviour, communication and helps strategize concepts at HDSO. She manages our social media & content.  


She is an avid reader, writer, blogger and loves to travel and explore new places and people. She is very intuitive and also a humanitarian at heart. 

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